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PftNE Exhibition Moves to St Nicholas Cathedral

Following the success of the Portraits from the North East show at The Alnwick Garden, the exhibition moves to St Nicholas Cathedral in Newcastle and will run from 18th May to 15th June

More about St Nicholas Cathedral, Newcastle is here

Pictured: St Nicholas Cathedral and the exhibition

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     20150517 431 PftNE Exhibition, St Nicholas Cathedral


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Thoughts on a Project well done!

by John Cogan

It is now the custom that, at the end of any endeavour, you reflect and evaluate. It matters little whether that is a General Election or a photographic project. So, now the dust has settled a little, I shall attempt to put into words the impossible.

From the start, (back in late 2013) to now, the project became somewhat all-consuming. Like many projects, it started small with me approaching a few of the local “movers and shakers”. They were kind enough to agree and the demands placed upon them were minimal, yet the Director of the Sage put me on to Sir Thomas Allen, and from there life became interesting.

These initial forays were also solo efforts and this is where I came to the first momentous decision concerning the logistics of the project. Solo sessions were limiting. They were producing the kinds of results I didn’t want. Those early shoots were stiff and most of the images looked posed. This was partly my fault because I was new to portraiture and felt tongue-tied with the dual task of chat and snap… When it came to the big leap forward and the session with Sir Thomas Allen I needed a fellow photographer…..   Read on

Pictured: on location – John Cogan and Sir Thomas Allen, John Clarke and Stephen Miller

   John Cogan in conversation with Sir Thomas Allen. TG   John Clarke and Steve Miller at the Sage

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More From … PftNE Exhibition, The Alnwick Garden

Last chance to see this gratifyingly well received exhibition at The Alnwick Garden in the light and airy Pavilion Room with magnificent views of the world famous fountains – the last day is this Thursday 14th May from where it moves to Newcastle Cathedral

More about The Alnwick Garden is here

Pictured: scenes from the opening event

   Duchess of Northumberland with Bishop Martin Wharton and Northumberland Fire Chief Alex Bennett e  683A8442 e

   20150505 035 p Lord Walton, Mr and Mrs Jim Montgomery e  683A8462 e

   20150505 211 p Steve Cram OBE and Ray Lonsdale e  20150505 099 e

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News: Portraits from the North East Exhibition – 1st Pictures

A large gathering of PftNE subjects, guests and PftNE photographers were at The Alnwick Garden on Tuesday 5th May for the first Portraits from the North East Exhibition.

In his welcome on behalf of PftNE Dr John Clarke thanked our sponsors Dr Tony Trapp and Ken Whyte for their generosity which paid for the printing of the exhibition, our amazing subjects who were welcoming and more than generous with their time, their long-suffering secretaries and PAs who were extremely helpful and the staff of The Alnwick Garden. Dr Clarke also expressed gratitude to the Duchess of Northumberland who was sufficiently impressed by the idea of the project, not only to sit for us, but to encourage us and to make the very generous offer of an opening in this beautiful setting.

 The exhibition was duly opened by the Duchess of Northumberland. It is fair to say that the work on display was well received by the enthusiastic and appreciative audience.

The exhibition is in the Pavilion Room of The Alnwick Garden and is on until Thursday 14th May.

More about The Alnwick Garden, “The World’s most extraordinary garden”, is here

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