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Portraits Update, June 2015

This time last year David Trout, Julie Ferry and I were the guests of Bryony Gibson DL and her Pug dog, Tulip. A great deal has happened since then. On Monday, we dismantled the exhibition in St Nicholas’ Cathedral. As I write this we are anticipating news of another North East venue for the next showing.

Our fame is spreading and our aim to record events and people for a North East audience is developing along new lines; specific areas of interest and new projects are being finalised. More coffee will be consumed as we grow as a collective and celebrate the region.

The Portraits group will continue to photograph and exhibit, developing from its humble beginnings into a voice that extols the wonderful variety and skills of people in the North East. More news of this to follow

In the mean time keep a look out for future venues for the original Portraits exhibition: one will be at Blyth’s Arts and Leisure Centre for the whole of October, and other opportunities are being explored. We will keep you posted.

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John Cogan ARPS

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