North East MPs Part One …

John Cogan ARPS

We have a full set of portraits of Sunderland and Newcastle Members of Parliament; all six of them.  After so much negative press concerning salaries and expenses claims for this, that and the other; it has been refreshing to meet, and photograph, MPs who are generous with their time and seem genuinely committed to doing a good job, to making a difference.

 Of the six Members only one is male.  Of the six shoots the locations were sometimes “interesting”… Chi Onwurah (Newcastle Central) was photographed outside Newcastle Civic Centre, under the barrel vaulting.  Catherine McKinnell (Newcastle South) sat in the garden of Victory House and stood amongst the tangle of rigging of a pirate ship in a children’s play park.

 With the exception of Nick Brown (born in Kent) the others are all very local, born and bred within sight of their constituency offices.  Perhaps one should not be surprised that, considering their urban constituencies, they are all members of the Labour Party.  Nor should we be surprised that their obvious talents have been rewarded with shadow ministerial posts.

Pictured, clockwise from top left: Sharon Hodgson, Bridget Phillipson, Catherine McKinnel, Nick Brown, Julie Elliott, Chi Onwurah

 Sharon Hodgson MP. jc Bridget Phillipson MP. jc Catherine McKinnell MP. jc

Chi Onwurah MP. jc Julie Elliott MP. tg Nick Brown MP. jc

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