A Trip to Coquet Island and more …

John Cogan ARPS

Busy, busy…. After the photo shoot with Steve Cram the Project hasn’t had much of a rest. John Clarke (whose silent motorised wheel chair makes him a photographic equivalent of Carlos the Jackal) took a small group to photograph Professor, Dr Douglas Turnbull, top man in the field of neurological and genetic research.

A trip to the closed Coquet Island for Joe Grabham and yours truly meant a boat ride across calm waters, in powerful sunshine, surrounded by male Eider Ducks eyeing up the female Eiders…. The return trip was rougher… The wind had suddenly backed from the North and that made a considerable difference. We were there to photograph the senior RSPB warden… Paul Morrison. This 65 year old bundle of humour and generosity has worked hard with his small team to create an environment that is safe and welcoming to many endangered species of birds… and he was wearing shorts!

Back on dry land, Joe and I travelled to meet Stephen Fitch, helmsman of the D-type RNLI inshore lifeboat. Blyth’s RNLI station covers a stretch of difficult coastline between the all-weather boats up at Amble and down the coast at Tynemouth. Along with the helicopters at Boulmer RAF station, it’s indicative of just how dangerous this stretch of coastline can be.

 The final shoot of this hectic week was the Gateshead MP Ian Mearns. Affable and generous, an MP of some standing. Ian proved not only a willing subject but a willing supporter of the project and gladly provided names and contacts for future portrait sessions.

Once again, a great “Thank You” to everyone concerned.

Pictured clockwise from top left: Ian Mearns, Joe with Stephen Fitch, Coquet Island, Joe with Paul Morrison, Doug Turnbull

Ian Mearns MP 3 Joe and Steve at RNLI Blyth 2 Coquet Island lighthouse

    Doug Turnbull by sign Joe and Paul Morrison 1

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