The Story so Far – reviewed 30th January 15

The latest additions include:

  •  Prof. Sir John Burn
  • From the world of entertainment we have Brendan Healy and John Miles
  • From politics we have Lord Jeremy Beecham
  • The poet Katrina Porteous, and the guiding hand behind Side Gallery Graeme Rigby
  • Mike Barton, Chief Constable of the Durham Constabulary and Marie Nixon, once a member of the pop group Kenickie and now part of Sunderland’s regeneration
  • And Gary Bennett, the legendary Sunderland FC footballer

Pictured: Katrina Porteus and Professor Christopher Chinnery on location with PftNE

        Katrina Porteus on location at Beadnell with Joe Grabham (centre) and John Coganfrom right, John Clarke, John Cogan, Professor Chinnery

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