Portraits from the North East moves on

So far the Portraits from the North East project has held two successful exhibitions, the first at The Alnwick Garden, and at Newcastle Cathedral. The comments we have received have been positive.

“A great exhibition showing North East Success”… a visitor from Sunderland

“Great display – nice to learn about local heroes – more please” … a visitor from Newcastle upon Tyne.

“Inspiring! We are lucky to have these wonderful people in our region.” … a visitor from Norton-on-Tees.

“In a celebrity led culture it is refreshing to see others taking the limelight. Excellent and very informative exhibition. Well worth making trip to view.” … a visitor from Newcastle

The good news is the exhibition will continue touring across the region and will be opening soon in other venues.

More about the PftNE locations and dates will follow in further blogs.

John Cogan

Pictured: the exhibitions at The Alnwick Garden and St Nicholas Cathedral, Newcastle

  Alnwick Garden, Pavillion. Peter Walton  20150517 482  PftNE Exhibition, St Nicholas Cathedral, Newcastle.

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