Portraits from the North East: TEAM

Angy Ellis Angy Ellis Angela Ellis is a professional photographer whose outgoing personality and consummate skill behind the camera has filled her diary with customers.  Her active imagination and creative flair has produced some fascinating  and distinctive images.  Angy’s optimistic outlook, unique view and ability to explore and extend the boundaries of digital photography has endeared her to all who are embraced by her infectious smile.
Darren Pratt Darren Pratt An engineer by trade, Darren is now working as a buyer in the components for railway industry. He has been interested in computer programming from the age of seven, his first computer being an Acorn Electron. Having to give up sporting and scuba diving activities, he took up photography as a major interest and joined Durham Photographic Society three years ago from which time he is rapidly gaining in confidence. Darren is the Portraits from the North East webmaster and describes himself as “Web monkey and apprentice photographer”
David Trout David Trout LRPS David Trout is a member of Durham Photographic Society since the 1980s and is a Licentiate member of the Royal Photographic Society. His photographic interests include urban life and architecture, street photography, informal portraits and steam railways. He like shooting instinctively, to catch fleeting moments, rather than adopting a considered approach to the subject, although for some projects this latter method of working is essential. As a newspaper journalist in the North East he spent a working lifetime alongside press photographers and from them learned about interacting with the subject when photographing people and from camera club experts, learned about composition, use of colour, and the joy of producing punchy black and white images.
Joanne Coates Joanne Coates After a short spell in retailing, Joanne moved into the family business where she has worked for 25 years managing the accounts and administration side of things.  She bought her first SLR camera about 20 years ago but never had the time to learn how to use it properly so in the end gave up and went back to her Kodak point and shoot.  About four years ago the kids had grown up and moved out so she decided to have another go, bought her first DSLR and vowed to learn how to use it.  After attending a few beginners’ workshops she was hooked and the camera has rarely left her side ever since.  She now does photography for the company website and a couple of local charities and is currently studying towards a photography degree qualification with the Open College of the Arts.
John Cogan John Cogan ARPS John Cogan, Associate of the Royal Photographic Society, has yet to make up his mind whether he’s a photographer who writes or a writer who takes photographs.  It’s doubtful if he’ll ever make up his mind as he is enjoying both too much.  Born in Yorkshire in the days of smog and sweet rationing, he became a teacher almost by accident, avoided the sixties and eventually rose to the rank of Head Teacher… then his rubber band broke.  With a passion for being nosy and a dream of being a latter-day Robert Capa (minus the land mine) he carries a camera all the time and enjoys the freedom and excitement of street photography. Founder of Portraits from the North East
John Clarke John A Clarke ARPS General Medical Practitioner, retired. Self taught in Photography. Awarded Associateship Royal Photographic Society 1997. A member of Durham Photographic Society and the Hexham Photography Group. Exhibitions: Six solo exhibitions of environmental portraiture shown in a number of locations in County Durham since 1996. Involved in four joint exhibitions as a member of the Hexham Photography Group, “Ancient woodland and Venerable Trees”, “Food”, “Water”, and “Margins”. Also exhibited projects on Carriage Driving for the Disabled and, for the Disability Access Forum, the sports and pastimes of the disabled.  Has completed commissions on Allotments and Bishop Auckland Market Place, for Groundwork and Wear Valley District Council respectively.
Julie Ferry Julie Ferry Julie was born into a farming family.  At the age of nine she was gifted with a Kodak from her Grandfather.  That was the beginning of the slippery slope, the one we all slide down towards the slough of despond and a mistress that is photography.  However, at only nine and being a tomboy, this contamination was only mild and short-lived.  Later, as her children grew, she became re-infected and a camera returned readily to her hands.  The final push into complete subjugation came with the purchase of a digital camera.  Now, all that is left is for her to find a direction which will satisfy her creative and artistic sensibilities.  Initially opting for landscapes it took her no time at all to secure first prizes and the admiration of her fellow photographic society members.  Now the proud possessor of two DSLR bodies and the addition of a 50mm prime lens to her collection of zooms her descent into fully fledged enthusiast is complete…
Joe Grabham Joe Grabham EFIAP/b Joe Grabham has been a member of Durham Photographic Society for over thirty years and is currently serving as President for the second time.  In the pre-digital era he particularly enjoyed producing black and white prints and has used everything from 5×4 to pinhole cameras.  He has been using digital equipment for seven years and people usually crop up somewhere in his photographs.  He had his first acceptance in an international exhibition in the early1980s but more recently it has been a more important and very rewarding aspect of his photography.  In 2014 he was granted the Excellence Award of the International Federation of Photographic Art (Bronze) for his exhibition acceptances.
Peter Walton Peter Walton Peter Walton has never been far from a camera most of his adult life having ‘cut his teeth’ on a 5” x 4” plate camera as a police photographer at murder scenes in the 1970’s.This led to a career in forensic investigation, a post of Dean of Studies at the National Forensic Centre, and teaching and lecturing in the subject in many parts of the world. In his spare time he has always had a passion for photographing people, winning national portrait competitions and being invited onto the approved list of photographers to The Palace of Westminster in 2001. A Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts in 2005 was followed with Associateships of the British Institute of Professional Photography and the Master Photographers Association in the following years. Peter is also an Honorary Fellow of the Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians for his work on Higher Education programmes for doctors working in the forensic arena, an award rarely made outside of the medical profession.


Tony Griffiths Tony Griffiths Born and raised in the West Country, Tony Griffiths is now a died in the wool North Easterner after 40 years in the Region. With a lifetime of enthusiasm for photography, He retired from full time work, and a 30 year career in multiple retailing with DSG International, in 2000. He then embarked on a new career as a photographer working mainly in the world of arts and cultural diversity as a documentary and press photographer. Now retired, he is a Past President of Durham Photographic Society and still with a passion for photography, which he practices virtually full time, with a particular enthusiasm for street, documentary and environmental portrait photography.