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Zoe Gilby, Jazz singer with the silken voice

Sitting in the Gala Theatre in Durham, an upstairs room, after a concert by Zoe.  We have our head-and-shoulders shots and John Clarke is photographing Zoe and I having a chat.  I have pictures of her singing at Ushaw College ready for uploading.  Zoe is very content and this comes out in her singing.  I ask her about this.  The usual view of a jazz singer is one of a tortured soul, looking for the next “fix” to keep them going.  Not so with the musicians I have encountered so far in the North East.  Far from it!  Every one I have met seems to be remarkably well adjusted and enjoying their lives.  In an age when so many of us are stressed out by so many problems being able to do what you really love would seem to be an antidote to this modern living.  If anything, musicians love life!

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